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After six days, North Bend zebra finally corralled, but method questioned by locals

A zebra that had been on the loose in the woods near Snoqualmie and North Bend since Sunday has finally been corraled, but locals are questioning the methods behind her capture.

Last weekend, four zebras escaped from a trailer east of Seattle, with three of them being quickly recaptured.

The fourth, a female mare named Shug, eluded capture for almost a week.

The zebras were being transported from Washington to Montana when the driver stopped her trailer to secure it when the zebras got loose and scrambled into a nearby neighborhood.

On Friday, King County officials closed off trail access points along the Snoqualmie Valley Trail in the Boxley Creek Natural Area, and discouraged hikers and dogwalkers from using the areas as they worked to secure the animal.

In a statement from Regional Animal Services of King County, the mare was safely captured and will be transported to Montana. Private citizens with animal control officers worked to make the rescue Friday night.

The zebra appeared to be in good condition, according to RASKC.

Additionally, Friday night, KIRO 7 News received a phone call from Susan Burk of North Bend, who was working with Dallas Clark, on behalf of the zebra’s owner to facilitate the capture of the zebra.

In a statement, Burk and Clark say the following occurred:

This evening we were notified that there was a group of trucks with horse trailers parked near the location where the zebra has been seen. These vehicles had stickers on them that said “Zebra Roundup Crew” with a sponsorship from Inspire Homes.

The leaders of the group, David and Julie Danton, owners of Embrace Horsemanship and Inspire, had been on site at the original property where the first 3 zebras were captured. Julie Danton was removed from the property that day and David was advised he was not welcome back on the property either.

When we approached the group to let them know we were handling the zebra rescue, Julie stated that they were working with the vet, the sheriff’s office and the owner.

We confirmed that the vet who came out for the first rescue, an equine specialist with experience working with zebras in Africa, who was working with us, had not been engaged with them.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed they were not involved and would not come to the location unless the group trespassed on private property.

The owner of the property where we’ve been working, confirmed they were not welcome to come there.

Once I was able to get ahold of the zebra’s owner, she confirmed that she wanted us to continue our work where we were and that she had hired them to work their area.

We’ve worked all week to get the zebra into an area where she was comfortable. We had feeding stations set up and worked with King County to close the nearby trails, as bicycle riders and hikers with off leash dogs were scaring the zebra.

We had metal panels being set up today, and the vet scheduled to tranquilize the zebra tomorrow so she could be safely moved into a transport vehicle.

We spoke with the owner on a 3 way call with the vet, who advised her that we should be allowed to continue our efforts and that the other team should stand down. Despite this, the decision was made to let that group continue.

Mountain bikers, working for the Danton group, entered the closed trails and drove the zebra away from our area and to the location they are working from.

The Danton group currently has the zebra in a metal panel corral. She is limping. David Danton has unfurled a banner on the property with his business name, Inspired Homes, on it. They aren’t taking action to move her into a safe, secure transport vehicle. Because David Danton has unfurled banners for his business on scene, we believe he is waiting until media arrives to ensure the zebra is moved quickly to a safe space.

We are a group of locals that care about the zebra and have worked with her best interest in mind. We haven’t asked for money or media attention. Ultimately, we hope that she is safely captured and removed from this circus.

David Danton appears in several Facebook videos with North Bend Mayor Mary Miller, wearing a patch that says Zebra Roundup Crew, sponsored by Inspired Homes.

David Danton and Mayor Miller are on-site and waiting for Sugar the Zebra to show up. #InspireHomes #ZebraRoudupCrew #northbendwa #zebraescape #KingNews #tacomawa #komonews

Posted by Inspire Homes on Friday, May 3, 2024