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Joey Bosa: Great first impressions of Jim Harbaugh, “expectation” he’ll change Chargers fortunes

Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa is taking a little break from football on Monday, but his mind isn’t drifting too far from his day job.

Bosa will be taking part in a pistachio eating contest in Santa Monica with Joey Chestnut and other competitive eaters on Monday and he did some press ahead of the event. During one of those sessions, Bosa’s new head coach Jim Harbaugh came up for discussion.

Bosa said that he had a long conversation with Harbaugh that left him with “great first impressions” of the former Michigan head coach. Bosa said “the way he talked about his feelings toward this job and toward the future was pretty exciting” and that has led to high hopes for what will happen on the field, although he cautioned against letting the hype train run too far from the station.

“That’s an expectation for sure,” Bosa said, via Jared Schwartz of the New York Post. “I’d like to win Game One first, then we can talk about Week Two and then Week Three. Sometimes getting caught up with all the Super Bowl talk and all the hype gets you unfocused and worrying about the wrong things when you should just be worrying about what’s in front of you. . . . There’s a lot of talk of Super Bowl every year, and every year I kind of have a similar answer like ‘alright, let’s see how the first week goes and then we’ll talk about that.'”

Any hopes for success with the Chargers would be bolstered by Bosa staying healthy. He’s only played 14 games over the last two seasons, so the team will be hoping he avoids any calamities with a pistachio shell on Monday.

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