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Man Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Buy a Porsche with $78 Million Check

Man Tries to Buy Porsche with $78 Million CheckPorsche

Connor James Litka wanted to buy a new Porsche but ended up being arrested instead. The 21-year-old Bloomington, Indiana man allegedly presented a fake $78 million check as payment to employees at a Porsche dealership in St. Matthews, Kentucky. According to WAVE News, Litka refused to take no for an answer and was eventually arrested.

Most 21-year-olds dream of being able to walk into a Porsche dealership and pay cash for a brand-new car. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people that age it is just a dream. However, Litka apparently was not going to let the mere fact that he didn’t have enough money for the car stop him from buying one.

The incident occurred at Blue Grass Motorsport, a Porsche dealership in the Louisville area. After presenting the fake check, Litka reportedly stood his ground and wouldn’t leave. The 21-year-old was so determined to leave with a new Porsche that day, he allegedly walked to the rear entrance of the dealership and began to look for car keys. It was at that point that employees decided to call the police and the man soon was arrested.

Litka was charged with one count of criminal trespass and one count of disorderly conduct. St. Matthews police said that the previous day Litka tried a similar scam at the local Land Rover dealership. There he allegedly presented a check for $12 million in an effort to buy a new Land Rover. Maybe he thought a mere $12 million didn’t make him look wealthy enough, so he decided to up the amount to $78 million at the Porsche dealership.

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