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Falcons could host another Super Bowl in 2028 or 2029

Atlanta hosted Super Bowl LIII, a year after the new stadium opened. The Falcons are trying to host another game there.

Owner Arthur Blank recently told Daniel Kaplan of that Atlanta is back in the mix for another Super Bowl game.

“We have our hat in for another Super Bowl [for the 2028 or ’29 game],” Blank said.

That would be Super Bowl LXII or LXIII (62 or 63, in normal numbers).

It’s difficult to discern the current Super Bowl rotation, if there even is one. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami are in it. Arizona seems to be, too, along with San Francisco/Santa Clara. Houston and Atlanta want to be. Ditto for New Orleans, which will host the next one for the first time in 12 years.

Then there’s the new-stadium-with-public-money-quid-pro-quo, which wedges a periodic city into the mix on a one-time-only basis.

Regardless, Atlanta is in the mix for another one. Given that the NFL no longer does open bidding but selects and approaches cities one at a time, it looks like Atlanta will indeed get another one.

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