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Rachel Maddow Whispers A Harsh Truth For Donald Trump Fans

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Monday hit Republicans with a “big picture” reality check over Donald Trump after the former president won the Iowa caucuses in the GOP 2024 presidential race.

With a poll showing that 63% of Republicans who were surveyed in Iowa responded that they’d still consider Trump fit to be president even if he is convicted, Maddow reminded viewers it still leaves more than a third who think he shouldn’t return to the White House.

“They’re going to nominate him nationwide?” she asked. “When even a third of Iowa caucus-goers say, ‘No, he can’t be president if he’s convicted’?”

“I’m sorry,” Maddow continued, before whispering, “But he’s gonna be convicted.”

The comment prompted laughter from the panel.

Maddow’s MSNBC colleague Ari Melber pointed out there was “overwhelming evidence” against Trump in his four criminal cases but admitted he couldn’t “say what’s going to happen” in them.

“I can,” replied Maddow, acknowledging she’s “not a lawyer” before dropping into another whisper and saying, “He’s gonna be convicted.”

“Stage whispering!” Melber responded.


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