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DeSantis Hilariously Flubs Tweet Announcing His ‘Excitement’ for Colorado Primary

Ron DeSantis bizarrely declared late Friday that he’s “excited” to be on the Colorado primary ballot—because he was told he had to be as a requirement by the state GOP. Doing his best impression of “excited,” the Florida governor told his more than 2 million followers on X: “To qualify for the CO primary ballot, the state party requires that candidates post something on social media that announces their excitement while encouraging their followers to follow the state party’s social media accounts for updates about the state party primary and events.” He then went on to—you guessed it—post something on social media announcing his excitement. “I’m excited to officially be on the ballot for the Colorado primary!” he wrote, vowing to “run Biden ragged” before urging followers to follow the Colorado Republican Party’s account on the social media platform.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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