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Kareem Jackson will meet with Roger Goodell on Wednesday, seeking “clarity”

Broncos safety Kareem Jackson is serving his second suspension of the season, punishment for five illegal hits this season.

Jackson said Tuesday he will fly to New York on Wednesday to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

We’ll see what comes of it,” Jackson said, via video from Troy Renck of Denver7. “[I want to] get some clarity. I feel like there’s a lot of gray area. To me, I see a lot of the same things happening around the league that guys aren’t going through what I’m going through. No flags. No fines. No suspensions. Not really sure why I’m being treated the way I’m being treated. I’m making regular football plays. Nothing malcious in my opinion. But at the same thing, like I said, get some clarity. I just want to know why I’m the only person going through what I’m going through.”

Jackson returned from a two-game suspension on Nov. 14, saying the NFL had not answered his questions about what is or isn’t a legal hit. After the next game, Jackson was suspended for four games for lowering his helmet to hit Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs.

Jackson said Tuesday he feels targeted by the league.

“There’s no clarity. A lot of gray areas,” Jackson said. “I asked a ton of questions and told them, ‘I’ll be in the same situation, how am I supposed to play or how am I supposed to go about these situations?’

“Hopefully something comes of this meeting. I don’t think much will, because I don’t even even think they know. At this point, I feel like I’m the poster child for whatever they are trying to get across or prove. So, we’ll see.”

Jackson also complained about being banned from the team facility while suspended.

“You can’t tell me that you care about the guys, and then cut them off. What if I don’t have a support system?” Jackson said. “So, a lot of things they’re doing are contradictory in my opinion, so hopefully I can get some clarity.”

Jackson, who has served one game of his four-game ban, will forfeit $559,889 in salary. He gave up $279,000 in salary from the previous two-game suspension. He also has paid four fines for unnecessary roughness this season for a total of $89,670.

Officials have ejected him twice.

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