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Breece Hall ‘surprised’ by Jets’ Hail Mary play call

The Jets’ Hail Mary attempt, which got intercepted and returned for a touchdown, at the end of the first half on Friday against the Dolphins was the defining play of a 34-13 loss.

It was also a play that perhaps not everyone on the team agreed with calling.

Jets running back Breece Hall told reporters after the game that players were “surprised” by the play-call with rookie quarterback Tim Boyle from their own 49-yard line.

“We were kinda surprised we were going in for the Hail Mary,” Hall said. “Just whatever play your coaches call might not be the best play at the time but if you can execute it you can execute it and we didn’t execute. I was last line of defense but got blocked. Wish I could have made a move, made a tackle….can’t blame anybody but ourselves.”

Despite admitting the reluctance of the play-call, Hall pivoted and said he supports his coaches and that it has just been a frustrating season in general.

“I liked our coaches trusted us enough to make the Hail Mary but we didn’t execute,” Hall said. “I love our coaches and love the stuff they’re calling. Not just one person not doing their job. I take pride in being one of our a players and try to be perfect, but it’s been hard. Part f me feels like I’m in a box a little bit.”

Hall’s teammate, wide receiver Garrett Wilson, said in his postgame that he liked the fact the Jets tried to make a play.

“You get the ball at the 50 you go for the end zone,” Wilson said. “You stop thinking like that and you get complacent. [But] hindsight’s 20-20.”

Wilson and Hall both sounded frustrated in their postgame comments, with Hall even adding that he is making mistakes he normally does not make.

“It’s been hard for me to get some open space and get some good looks,” he said. “…I’m making mistakes I’ve never made. Just frustrating. Trying to get better every week, trying to stay positive. Being one of the best players on offense just stepping into leadership role has been hard…just not been able to get the result we want.”

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