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Ezekiel Elliott has adapted to the Patriot Way

The Patriot Way isn’t dead yet.

With coach Bill Belichick inexplicably refusing to let anyone know who his quarterback will be on Sunday against the Giants (as if he’s got some sort of secret weapon up his sleeve), Belichick needs his players to keep their mouths shut.

So far, they are.

On Wednesday, reporters were trying to get running back Ezekiel Elliott to spill the beans. Said Elliott eventually, “I think you know the rules around here.”

We all know the rules around there. And those rules make a lot more sense when the team is good. It’s weird to see the stubborn insistence to secrecy with the Patriots struggling at 2-8.

So whether it’s Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe or Will Grier or Malik Cunningham or Tony Eason or Steve Grogan, it really doesn’t matter. Win or lose over the Giants, it’s a lost season for the Patriots, with the only real intrigue left this season will be what happens when it ends.

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