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Kareem Jackson’s appeal is denied; he’ll miss the next four games

The last time Broncos safety Kareem Jackson appealed a four-game suspension for a chronic pattern of illegal and dangerous hits, the process cut the banishment in half.

This time around, Jackson had no such luck.

Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Brooks, who serves as one of the two hearing officers hired and paid jointly by the league and the NFL Players Association, upheld the four-game suspension imposed after Jackson lowered his helmet to make forcible contact against Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs on Sunday night in Denver.

Jackson inexplicably was neither flagged nor ejected for the blatant violation of the rules.

He’ll miss games against the Browns, Texans, Chargers, and Lions. He’ll be eligible to return for Week 16 against the Patriots.

Based on a salary of $2.515 million paid out in 18 equal installments, he’ll lose $558,000 during the suspension.

And if he engages in similar tactics when he returns, he’ll surely be facing an even longer suspension.

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