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Odell Beckham fined $10,927 for peace sign while running into the end zone

Ravens wide receiver Odell Beckham held up two fingers as he ran into the end zone on a touchdown against the Browns, and the NFL has cracked down on him for it.

The league fined Beckham $10,927 for the gesture, which was called unsportsmanlike conduct.

Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill, who has had some celebration fines of his own, warned Beckham this week that he should expect a fine from the league.

“Yeah they fining people for that buddy,” Hill wrote on social media.

The NFL frequently fines players for taunting during their celebrations, but in this case, Beckham didn’t appear to be taunting anyone, just exuberantly celebrating a big play. Nonetheless, it was enough for the league to dock his paycheck.

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