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Chargers’ Scott Matlock asked Travis Kelce after the game, “Any advice for a rookie?”

After they faced off on Sunday, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Chargers rookie defensive end Scott Matlock shook hands, as players usually do, but then Matlock decided to take the opportunity to pick a future Hall of Famer’s brain.

As captured by NFL Films, Matlock approached Kelce and asked, “Any advice for a rookie?”

Kelce told Matlock that the great players study both their own position and the other side of the ball.

“You know what it is? Understand the other side of the ball just as well as you know your side of the ball,” Kelce told Matlock. “Because everything is predicated off of what I’m doing and what the defense is doing. Just love it, man. Play with the guy next to you. That’s all I got for you, man.”

Matlock is a sixth-round pick out of Boise State who has been a backup in the Chargers’ defensive line rotation this season. Kelce was a backup as a rookie, too, and he gave Matlock some sound advice for how to have a long and successful NFL career.

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